The Businessman Trapper

The Business Man Trapper

Trapping as a Business in the 21st. Century

$55.00 for a Book ? HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM !!
(Ever took a college class ? $60-$150 per book is normal, and you buy 4-6 per semester)
So how much money can I make at this trapping business thing?
$100 per hour. $300 per hour. $500 per hour ? Yes, I can and have made these figures on the average trapping job for hire. It’s all in how you present the job to the client….I tell how I do it day in-day out in this training textbook.
U want a $30 video to watch right ? Learn it all in an hour. A trapping career can’t be taught in a video. I have been a nuisance wildlife control trapper FULL TIME since 1995.
I hold two university degrees and have worked for USDA-Wildlife Services on two occasions. I turned down a 3rd offer, a career tract position, in North Dakota in 2006. A wildlife control franchise fee alone will cost you about $15,000-$25,000.
Royalties paid to your franchiser will cost you another 7%-12% of every dollar you earn-forever.
OR…. You can buy this book and jump start your trapping business for just $55.00.

I have not punched a time clock in decades. I have taken paid instruction from, or associated with trapping business giants such as Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Wendt of IN. Craig O’Gorman of MT. Dr. Chris Christensen of KY and several others in the wildlife control industry.
This is not a book on how to trap coyotes or how to get more money for your fur. You will not find a single “secret” set in this book. That is not the purpose of this business training textbook. It is a training text on starting or ramping up a trapping for-hire service out of your own home. It is geared towards the small town person/regular Joe.
You can trap ‘coon for fur at $5 per finished pelt….or $35-$85 and never skin a one.
This textbook tells you how I do it.
You cannot buy this trapping knowledge in any trade school or university-period.The Text is $65.00 Post Paid. For This You Get a Quarter Century of Knowledge. 116 Pages. Full color. Professionally Written, Indexed and Edited.


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