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I offer the Wendt videos as a necessary part of your trapping education. I’ve known Dr. Robert Wendt for a couple of decades (trappers just call him “Bob”).

His no bull-shit approach and attitude towards high volume trapping is a style I’ve always admired. He will out work most guys in their 20s.

The man can take a $2 skunk and get $15 for it while the rest of us are still only getting the stink and $2 ! This says something.

Not only is he formally educated (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine-Purdue University); but has as many or more miles of trap running across the US as anyone. This equates to one hell of a trapping education ! His catches are consistently, year after year, in the top in the entire nation.

I’ve been to his house numerous times, I’ve see the catches, I’ve worked up fur for him. I know the “inside” story and it’s real.

    **Pay attention to the videos and see what baits & lures he uses**

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