September 13, 2020


Sometimes trappers and our dealers complain that a certain batch of PREDATOR PLUS BAIT is thinner than the last jar or batch they got.  We can’t control the amount of liquid in the meat we get for the base of PREDATOR PLUS.  ‘Cat meat  taints at different levels of liquid depending on many factors, barrel it’s tainted in, what part of the US it was tainted in, humidity levels, on and on.  We get ‘cat meat from the southwest US, upper Midwest and who knows where, thus, I can’t control the liquid content 100%.   Horse meat base (Mr. Ed) is worse yet !  You have to just about drain horse meat on a screen, (keeping maggots off..yeah,. try that one) before you can work with […]
June 20, 2017


I spend way too much time on Facebook. I see in the trapping groups the same question over and again: “Waxed Dirt or Peat Moss ?” I can only speak from the perpetual rainy trapping seasons in southeastern Indiana and what I know and have seen in the western US (never trapped there though).  Here, the ground is clay and rock. When you dig a trap bed, you are essentially digging a tiny pond. The clay holds water all too well. Bone dry peat moss will float on top of the “bowl” of water. If you don’t actually poke the set, you will think the peat is working and that the ground has drained away the water ! I’ve drove by a set for days thinking […]
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