Author of THE BUSINESS MAN TRAPPER, Casey Rayls holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Law Enforcement from Northern Kentucky University and a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature from the same institution. He also holds a self-proclaimed Ph.D. in Trapology and is the self-proclaimed Professor Emeritus of North American Trapper University.

He has taken formal trapping instruction from Craig O’Gorman, Broadus, MT (coyote), Randy Schworm, Gnadenhutten, OH (mink) and learned a helluva lot from friend and fellow Indiana Business Man Trapper, Dr. Robert “Bob” Wendt….one of the hardest working and most successful trapper-businessmen in the entire United States-bar none.

Casey has written several articles for Wildlife Control Technology magazine, one for The Trapper and Predator Caller magazine and one for the Trapper Yearbook (Trapper and Predator Callermagazine).

In March 2006 Casey was offered a career position with the USDA-Wildlife Services Division in North Dakota as a Biological Science Technician (government trapper). He declined this $36k/year position as being his own Business Man Trapper was paying so much more….but flying to N.D. and going thru the interview process was fun and an adventure in and of itself he said.

In July 2006, he was back in the Dakotas working on the “bird flu” project with the USDA-Wildlife Services. He remembers it being 113 degrees and his wife, Melissa was having health issues back in Indiana. That stint lasted a week-he went back to Indiana.

In October 2006, he was offered a job again with the same agency, but this time in Indiana, working on the newly formed downtown Indianapolis starling roosting project. This was a fledgling project just implemented and frankly, the State Director had no clue how to run a starling program…and only one other state in the Union had accomplished this task before. Personalities clashed and in January 2007 an independent trapper went back to little Rising Sun Indiana to continue working as a Business Man Trapper.

In May 2016, he took a temporary job with the National Park Service as a Ranger working in the inner city of Cincinnati, OH at a presidential historic site. Once again, the government pay and aggravation simply was no where near what could be made in the nuisance wildlife trade. He left that Federal job on July 5th, 2016 and grossed just over $10,000 for the balance of July running his BeastMaster Pest Services (an S corporation). http://www.thebeastmaster.com

Casey still lives in Rising Sun, IN, in “The Holler,” in a house made of 100+ year old white oak beams…a trapper’s dream cabin of sorts. He is married to Melissa Tice-Rayls. They have no children, but enjoy their Labrador retriever and Walker hound. An annual trip to Iowa for pheasant hunting is always a treat. Rental property in Indiana and Tennessee round out the business man trapper’s formula outlined in this book for the Business Man Trapper.

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