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RK Brand-List of Baits & Lures

The Predator Plus brand of animal lures will catch red and gray fox, bobcats and coyotes. The blend of various meats, musks and glands appeal to all predators, even raccoons. From dirt hole sets to M-44 style flat sets to bait piles, Predator Plus will keep them working the set, even after heavy rains !

Predator Plus-Bobcat Base

#1 Seller  *Nelson’s Improved Formula* K-9s will try to dig the hole out, which means more paws over the pan.

Cat Master

Very similar to Nelson’s ‘Pacific Call’ cat lure. Cat glands, rare musks and other oils the pussies like.



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The Business Man Trapper

Trapping as a Business in the 21st. Century

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U want a $30 video to watch right ? Learn it all in an hour. A trapping career can’t be taught in a video. I have been a nuisance wildlife control trapper FULL TIME since 1995.
I hold two university degrees and have worked for USDA-Wildlife Services on two occasions. I turned down a 3rd offer, a career tract position, in North Dakota in 2006. A wildlife control franchise fee alone will cost you about $15,000-$25,000.
Royalties paid to your franchiser will cost you another 7%-12% of every dollar you earn-forever.
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